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عند قرارك حول السفر إلي الهند للعلاج نتوفر لكم جميع الخدمات خلال فترة بقاءك بالهند وبعدها

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Call us for treatment in India

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Because we are only dealing with
  • Hospitals accredited by the National Accreditation Commission for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers and by the Joint Health Commission International (USA)

  • Hospitals are of high quality in terms of services and technology

  • Doctors and staff qualified and experienced in their fields

  • Competitive and low prices and costs, with no shortage or default in the required services.

When you decide to travel to India for treatment, we provide you with all services during and after your stay in India
  • Issuance of entry visas.

  • Reservation of accommodation close to the hospital at reasonable prices.

  • Reception of the patient from Delhi airport and delivery to the residence for free.

  • The patient was offered to qualified doctors accompanied by translators with experience in the field of medical translation throughout the treatment period free of charge.

  • Follow up the patient during the recovery period.

  • Completing the procedures for returning to the country and delivering the patient from the residence to Delhi airport for free.

  • Follow-up of the patient's condition after return and medical consultation.

  • Free taxi and translation to and from the hospital.


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