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Liver Transplant

Liver Transplant and Biliary Science.

Liver Transplant

liver transplant surgery, the old liver of the patient is completely removed and a new one from the liver donor is placed in the same place after joining the blood vessels and gallbladder. A donating liver can come from a dead person when usually the whole liver is regenerated or usually from a family member who donates part of his or her liver. the liver can now be safely divided into 2 parts so that one part can be removed for implantation and the remaining liver is sufficient for the donor. Liver transplants are reserved for those with advanced liver disease so that their general condition is critical. Often, these patients who are tired of other treatments or side by side have had liver cancer. In cadaveric implants, waiting may not be noticeable and some patients will die while waiting for the donor's liver. On the other hand, a live donor transplant can be done when the patient needs it and when the whole team is available as a planned operation.

Liver failure can occur rapidly, in a matter of weeks (severe liver failure), or it may occur gradually over months and years (chronic liver failure). There are various causes of liver dysfunction such as chronic B and C infections, liver tumors, alcoholism, fatty liver, liver failure (primary biliary cholangitis, primary sclerosing cholangitis, and biliary duct atresia). Hepatitis B and C are two of the most common infections in the world. Fortunately there is an effective anti-hepatitis B vaccine and treatment with hepatitis C. Primary Cancer develops in the liver with chronic diseases and sometimes grows faster so that no treatment can be done. When taken from experiments when small in size, liver transplants can cure these patients.

Best doctor for Liver Transplant In India

    Dr. Shalendra Lalwani
    Dr. Sandeep K Jha
    Dr. pankaj Lohia
    Dr. YPS Rana
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