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Cardiac Science / Cardiology

Cardiac Science It includes general cardiology, pediatric cardiac surgeries, and interventional cardiology.

Cardiac Science / Cardiology

Cardiac science involves analysing known and dedect heart disease. If you work in cardiac sciences, you’ll carry out crucial diagnostic, monitoring and analytical procedures for patients with known or suspected heart disease.
there are various roles you could consider including:-
1. healthcare science assistant or associate
2. healthcare science practitioner
3. clinical scientist Healthcare science assistant or associate As a healthcare science assistant or associate in cardiac sciences

Cardiac function is the ability of the heart to meet the metabolic demands of the body. The delivery of oxygenated blood and removal of cellular waste products is fundamental to life.

Bast Doctoer For Cardiaology

    Dr. Subash Chaudhry
    Dr. Suhail Naseem Bukhari
    Dr. Bipin Kumar Dubay
    Dr. Sarita Gulati
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