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Field of Expertise

  1. Acute Kidney Injury.

  2. Chronic Kidney Disease.

  3. Hemodialysis / Peritoneal Dialysis.

  4. Transplant Nephrology.


Fellowship & Membership

  • Indian Society of Nephrology.

  • Indian Society of Organ Transplant.

  • Delhi Nephrology Society.


Talks & Publications

  • Gerontolizing nephrology: Spectrum of histopathological findings of kidney biopsy in the elderly [pg. 264] Pankaj Beniwal, Shailendra K Singh, Vinay Malhotra, Dhananjai Agarwal, Manish Sharma, Parvati Joshi, Shikha Khandelwal, Nisha Gaur, Sanjeev Sharma.

  • Clinicopathological spectrum of newly diagnosed multiple myeloma presenting with severe renal impairment requiring dialysis: A tertiary care Centre experience from north India – Shailendra K Singh, Sanjeev Sharma, Alok Pandey, Vinay Malhotra


Dr. Shailendra Kumar Singh

Consultant - Nephrologist


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