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Minimal access surgery including basic & advanced laparoscopy and general surgical procedures.


Awards & Achievements



Talks & Publications

  • Naveen Verma, et al. “Pattern of Trauma at a Government Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital of Haryana”, J of Evolution of Med and Dent Science/7143-49/Vol 3/ Issue 26/ June 30, 2014.

  • Naveen Verma, et al., “Transmural Migration of Surgical Sponge into the Stomach with Outlet Obstruction: Rare Case”, Hellenic Journal of Surgery (2014) 86:3, 167-169.

  • Naveen Verma, Kaviraj Kaushik, et al., “Adult Right- Sided Bochadalec Hernia Containing Perforated Colon”, Hellenic Journal of Surgery (2014) 86:3, 175-178

  • Naveen Verma, S Aggarwal, et al., “Rare Squamous Cell C.

  • Naveen Verma, et al., “Why total Splenectomy is preferred over Conservative Surgery in a Huge Splenic Cyst” (Accepted)


Dr. Naveen Verma

Consultant - Gi, Mas and Bariatric Surgery

MBBS | MS (General Surgery) | FNB(Minimal Access Surgery) | FMAS

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