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Field of Expertise

  1. Kidney Diseases.

  2. Critical Care Nephrology.

  3. Acute Kidney Injury.

  4. Chronic Kidney Disease.

  5. Kidney Transplant.

  6. Hemodialysis/CRRT/SLED/Peritoneal Dialysis.

  7. Hypertension.

  8. Diabetes related Kidney Disease.


Awards & Achievements

  1. ISN-ANIO Clinical Nephron pathology Certificate Program, Jan 2018-Dec 2018 - International Society of Nephrology.

  2. Fellow American Society of Nephrology (FASN),Aug 2017 - American Society of Nephrology.

  3. Clinical Fellowship in Nephrology and Renal Transplant, April 2012- June 2013 - The Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


Dr. Ashish Nandwani

Consultant - Nephrology And Renal Transplant

MBBS | MD ( Medicine) | DNB (Nephrology

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