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Manipal Hospital Dwarka - Delhi
Consultant - Neurosurgery

MBBS | (Neuro Surgery) | MS (General Surgery)

Field of Expertise

  1. Brain Tumor Surgery.

  2. Image-Guided Surgery.

  3. Minimally invasive spine surgeries.

  4. Functional Neurosurgery and DBS.

  5. Craniovertebral Junction Surgery.

  6. Degenerative Spine and Trauma.

  7. Spinal Tumor Surgery.

  8. Comprehensive Management of all Spine related disorders.

  9. Neuro-Oncology.

  10. Micro Neurosurgery of brain.

Talks & Publications

  1. Extraosseous primary Ewing Sarcoma –peripheral pPNET (EWS - pPNET): Series of seven cases & review of Literature. Asian Journal of Neurosurgery 2017.

  2. Skull base bony lesions: management nuances; a retrospective analysis from a tertiary care centre. Asian Journal Of Neurosurgery 2016.

  3. Spinal intradural hydatid cyst causing arachnoiditis: A rare etiology of caudaequinasyndrome , Journal of Craniovertebral Junction and Spine 2016.

  4. Pediatric intramedullary spinal cord lesions: Pathological spectrum and outcome of the surgery. J Pediatric Neuroscience 2015.

  5. Road traffic safety: A Manual of safety measures. Road Traffic and Safety. (2017). 95-107.

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