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Medeavour India Private limited (MIPL) is a medical travel facilitation company based in New Delhi, India. We as Medeavour India (MIPL), help in contact with Indian doctors and hospitals and present their details to the patient. We provide information to patients about the various medical procedures and packages available. The information we provide is often used by patients to make their own decisions, such as where they want to get their care etc.

We guarantee quality care through certified health care centers and doctors and surgeons in India. We help our clients to plan a comfortable and affordable trip.

We provide medical visa assistance and language experts (Arabic / Russian / Persian, etc.) to our patients on request.

Our goal is to have patients who are satisfied and happy by providing specialized and world-class support and guidance to get the best possible treatment and care with complete confidence.

Medeavour India Private Limited (MIPL) strives to provide individuals an enjoyable medical tourism experience in medical and financial distress, and assists in effective medical outcomes, with focus on patient safety and planning a seamless medical journey with transparent communication. We work with certified medical providers and liaise with successful travel and logistics partners.

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